What is Triple P?


The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is a world-renowned program available to families in Boone County. Although Triple P Boone County targets children 0-5, the seminars are open to anyone parenting a child of any age. Backed by more than 30 years of international research, Triple P provides families with a tool kit of proven strategies for strengthening relationships with their children, promoting children’s development, and preventing or managing common parenting challenges – tantrums, biting, hitting, bedtime, and more. Parents and caregivers can get as little or as much parenting support as they'd like from trained Triple P practitioners in a number of organizations throughout the county.

Boone County has:

Triple P Seminars - A series of three classes that provide an introduction to Triple P positive parenting strategies.

Brief Individual Sessions - Quick tips and coaching from a trained Triple P practitioner in 1-4 brief one-on-one sessions.

Soon to come! Triple P Workshops - One-time classes on specific parenting topics such as preventing tantrums, encouraging your child's self-esteem, dealing with fears, lying, etc.


What Triple P Teaches

The Triple P program is built on five principles of positive parenting:

  1. Ensuring a safe, interesting environment

  2. Creating a positive learning environment

  3. Using assertive discipline

  4. Having realistic expectations

  5. Taking care of yourself as a parent

Triple P offers parenting information and tips in four main areas:

  1. Developing positive relationships

  2. Encouraging desirable behavior

  3. Teaching children new behaviors and skills

  4. Managing misbehavior


Whether you want a quick tip on how to handle a specific issue, some ideas on how to promote your child's development, or help with more complex family issues, a trained practitioner can tailor Triple P to suit your needs.

Contact for more information regarding Triple P services.